About Us

Welcome to Windy City!

Where writers support writers in their journey toward creative and professional growth in the romance genre. Feel free to float around our site and learn more about us here at the Windy City chapter of RWA. Don’t write romance? Ask about our associate membership!

Windy City’s Mission Statement

As a chapter of Romance Writers of America, the mission of Windy City is to promote excellence in romantic fiction, help writers become published and establish careers in their writing field, while maintaining a safe, supportive environment.


Meetings are held every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. For a more detailed list of our programs see our 2016 Program Schedule.

Second Wednesday:

General/Workshop meeting: 7-9pm, at the Naperville Chamber of Commerce, meeting room 375 (55 S. Main St. in downtown Naperville, 630-355-4141). Get Directions.

Generally, the first half of our meetings are slated for chapter business and the second half for guest speakers. Meetings begin at 7:00 sharp. Please arrive early enough to be in your seats by that time. Check the program schedule for various topics that will include research, craft and all things of interest to writers.

Fourth Wednesday:

Craft and Critique night: 7-9pm, at the Lisle Library (777 Front Street, Lisle, 630-971-1701). Get Directions.

This is our learning-the-craft night, which will entail panel discussion, critiques submitted by volunteers, speakers on the topic of writing and creativity exercises.

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