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Blowing Kisses To: Hanna Martine

DSC02343Author Hanna Martine joined Windy City members┬áto talk about her process for revisions. In her own words, her “Disorganized Organized” revision process.

DSC02346Hanna had great tips on how to stay focused on the big picture and refrain from micro-editing and word-level edits the first time around. A big Windy City thank you to Hanna for her energy and for sharing her process with us!


Blowing Kisses To: Molly O’Keefe

100_3001aAuthor Molly O’Keefe joined Windy City all the way from Toronto to discuss the importance of building great characters in a love story since the reader is already expecting a “Happily Ever After” and essentially knows how the story will end.



Molly, along with Windy City members, worked on an exercise to create multidimensional characters by working with their specific descriptions.





Molly was engaging, witty and an all-around delight! A big Windy City thank you to Molly O’Keefe!