2012 Contest Winners

The Windy City Four Seasons 2012 Contest Winners

Congratulations to all our winners!

Overall Winner:

Must Love Breeches by Angela Quarles

Category Winners:

Young Adult Romance

* Piper Girl by Carla Cullen

Astral by Alex Brown

* Spin Cycle by Dana Wilson Easly

Shot in the Dark by Stina Lindeblatt


* The Estruscan Adventure by Jane Osullivan

* Compromising Ms. Tisdale by Jessica Fleck

* Daggers Destiny by Karen Woodward

* Along the Way Home by Christi Corbett

Single Title Contemporary

Perfect Summer by Katie Graykowski

Love Waltzes by Alana Albertson

* Chokecherry by Stacey Goitia

Extreme Fear by Pamela Vernado


* Must Love Breeches by Angela Quarles

* So Caught Up in You by Tracy Mecca

Redemption by CT Green

Dark Bringer by Mia Celeste/Brenda Davis

Short/Long Contemporary

She Who Dares by Jane O’Reilly

The Crown by Monica Jorgensen

Worth Running For by Kairee Krause

*  Denotes manuscript received a request from an agent and/or editor judge


Recent Posts

Dare to SOAR: October – November

 Set * Overcome * Achieve * Receive

October – November
All Hallows Eve. Thanksgiving. The Holiday Season. How will you find time to write? Complete balance in all aspects of life appears to be ever elusive, so enjoy your journey. Find time for family, for yourself, for your passion, but be present always. Be in the moment. Live it, breathe it, experience it. You won’t regret it!

Our October Dare to SOAR participants!

Cindy Maday
Livia Grant
Katrina Bauer
Paula White
Raven Q. Bell
Savannah Reynard
Sherry Weddle
Stephanie Scott
Kelly Williams
Jenna Depaul
Patricia Ruocco
J.Leigh Bailey
Robin Kuss
Jan Moretti
Chris Foutris

And our SOARING member of the month is:

Cindy Maday

scan0005Hi. I’m Cindy Maday and I’m an aspiring author. My writing career began in 2003, while reading the Da Vinci Code. When researching items in the book got my curiosity up, a story flashed through my mind like a movie. I mentioned the story to one of my friends while out one night and she shocked me and said she wanted to read the book. I’ve always loved to write to the point that I spent my summers when I was a child doing research papers to my son’s disgust. While writing that first book I bought books on writing and discovered RWA and joined the Windy City Chapter. Through the years I’ve taken numerous courses and have written about ten novels now.  I am a total panster and I delight when my characters surprise me with a unexpected turn. I’m thrilled to be recognized on the Dare to Soar and soar I did over the past few weeks. Thank you and good luck to everyone in in their own pursuit of writing. Hope you have as much fun as I do.

Keep dreaming and doing and remember:

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. ~Les Brown

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