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Definition of author from Merriam-Webster

1 :  the writer of a literary work (such as a book)

2:  one that originates or creates something

Whether you’re typing the first words on your very first book or “the end” on your fifty-first, you are a writer because you write. You are an author because you are the writer of a literary work and you create. So whether you’re Traditionally or Indie published, aspiring or simply just writing to write, you are welcome at Windy City.

Windy City Published & Unpublished Authors
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Amy Alessio Young Adult ~ Romantic Suspense facebook
Robyn Bachar Romance twitter facebook
J.Leigh Bailey Young Adult LGBT Romance facebook
Kat Bauer Contemporary Romance facebook
Michelle Blackstone Erotic Romance     facebook
Erin Brambilla Young Adult facebook
Regena Bryant Contemporary Romance facebook
Wendy Byrne Romantic Suspense ~ Contemporary Romance facebook
Meta Carroll Romance Twitter Facebook
Dyanne Davis ~ FD Davis Paranormal Romance facebook
Barb Warner Deane Romance Twitter Facebook
J.C. DePaul Paranormal/Contemporary Romance facebook
Tracey Devlyn Historical Romantic Thrillers facebook
Sonali Dev Mainstream Fiction ~ Bollywood Romance facebook
Denise DiLeo Romance facebook
Mike D. Dooley Romance Twitter Facebook
Kelly Duff Romance facebook
Alice Laurie Eakes Romance Twitter Facebook
Tory Ferrera Romance Twitter Facebook
Christine Foutris (w/a Sophie Foster) Contemporary Romance     facebook
Kelly Garcia Young Adult facebook
Susan Gibberman w/a Rachael Passan Contemporary Paranormal Mystery     facebook
Blythe Gifford Historical Romance facebook
Adrienne Giordano Romantic Suspense facebook
Alma-Marie Graf Romance Twitter Facebook
Livia Grant Erotic Romance facebook
Sherelle Green Romance Twitter Facebook
Pauline Gruber Young Adult facebook
Alison Hart~ Jennifer Greene Romantic Suspense     facebook
Lyndee Henderson Inspirational Historical Romance ~ Nonfiction     facebook
Elysa Hendricks Contemporary/Historical/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Romance     facebook
Nancy Hurst Historical Romance     facebook
Patricia Marie Jackson Romance Twitter Facebook
Melonie Johnson Paranormal Romance ~ Contemporary Romance facebook
Ann Marjory Kaminski Romance Twitter Facebook
Jill Jones Romance twitter facebook
Ruth Kaufman Romance Twitter Facebook
Megan Kelly Romance facebook
Pamala Knight Romance facebook
Vanessa M. Knight Contemporary Romance facebook
DL Larson Historical Romance    facebook
Nicole Leiren Romantic Suspense facebook
Lindsay Longford Contemporary Romance    facebook
Ann Macela Contemporary/Paranormal Romance facebook
Cindy Maday Romance facebook
Hannah Marcuson Romance Twitter Facebook
Carmela A. Martino Romance Twitter Facebook
Amy McKinley Romance Twitter Facebook
Kate Meader Contemporary Romance facebook
Susan Miura Romance Twitter Facebook
Janice Moretti Romance     facebook
Cheryl Lynn Neumann Romance     facebook
Kathleen Nordstrom Romance ~ Mystery ~ Suspense facebook
Charlene J. Nottoli Romance twitter facebook
Marcia Lynn Pelham Romance Twitter Facebook
Deborah Pfeiffer Women's Fiction~ YA ~ Contemporary Romantic Comedy facebook
Susan Elizabeth Phillips Contemporary Romance facebook
Allie Pleiter Inspirational Romance ~ Nonfiction facebook
Michele Ratledge Romance twitter facebook
Savannah Reynard Paranormal/Fantasy Romance ~ Young Adult facebook
Kelle Z. Riley Contemporary Romance ~ Romantic Suspense ~ Romantic Mystery facebook
Kate Rudolph Romance twitter facebook
Patricia Ruocco Contemporary Romance ~ Urban Fantasy     facebook
Jacalyn Schauer Romance     facebook
Helen Scott Romance twitter facebook
Stephanie Scott Young Adult facebook
Robin Skylar Contemporary Romance ~ Women's Fiction facebook
Teresa (Terri) V.M. Stone Romance Twitter facebook
Denise Swanson Mystery     facebook
Shelly Tracy Romance facebook
Valerie Twombly Romance Twitter Facebook
Barb Valentin Women's Fiction ~ Contemporary Romance facebook
Julie Wachowski Romance Twitter Facebook
Ann Marie Walker Contemporary Romance facebook
Julie Ann Walker Romantic Suspense facebook
C.J. Warrant Romantic Suspense facebook
Margaret Watson Contemporary Romance     facebook
A. Lynne Wall Romance facebook
Sherry Weddle w/a Sherrill Lee Contemporary Romance facebook
Paula Simone White Romantic Suspense ~ Mystery/Thrillers ~ Nonfiction ~ Women's Fiction     facebook
Kelly Williams Romance twitter facebook
Aubrey Wynne Romance Twitter Facebook