Chicago Words!

Dare to SOAR this summer with Chicago-North and Windy City! Tonight we invite you to TWEET your goals, whether it’s for the whole summer, this month, this week or the next hour.

Chicago-North and Windy City are pairing up to present Chicago Words! From 6/6 (TODAY!) – 9/6, by hosting writing challenges on Twitter!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

We will be using the hashtag #chiwords for everything.

Every Friday from 9-10 pm, we’ll have a 1k/1hr challenge. Check in any time from 8:45 – 9 pm by Tweeting @chicagonorthrwa and using the hashtag #chiwords,and then hang out from 10 – 10:15 to report on how you did.These Friday events will be sponsored by our authors, so everyone who checks in will be entered to win a prize from that sponsor, such as, one of their e-books or even one of their actual paper books! (The sponsor will determine what the actual prize is and how to award the prize. It might be a random checker-in. It might be a person who offers up the best line from their 1k that hour. It might be some other criteria. Sponsor’s choice!)

To get the ball rolling, the sponsor will post a quick blog entry Friday morning with something short about their writing process – like, what do they like to drink while they write, or what playlist they’re listening to, or a maybe a pic of their writing environment – whatever they want to put up! They may offer a peek at their planned prize for that night’s check-in as well (again, up to them!)

In addition, every weekend, we will check in at 9 am Saturday and check out at 9 pm Sunday (again, by sending a Tweet to @chicagonorthrwa with the hashtag #chiwords) with reports on how many words you wrote, when you got the best work done, what helped inspire/motivate you that weekend.

AND there will be surprise Twitter events throughout the summer. In fact, YOU could start a surprise writing event ANY TIME between 6/6 and 9/6 just by messaging our Twitter account @ChicagoNorthRWA with the hashtag #chiwords and say, “Hey, I’m writing right now! Come join me!” Or, you know, whatever you want to say.

One point will be awarded for every check-in, and there will be special, as-yet-to-be-determined prizes at the end of the summer for people with the most points!

Our Summer Writing Challenge was inspired by Erica O’Rourke and Clara Kensie and their Summer of All The Words, which they hosted last summer and will host again this summer. (Please check them out at @Erica_ORourke and @ClaraKensie to find out more, or follow the hashtag #SoATW)

Our friend Ricki kicks off our Summer Writing Challenge with the first blog post! Check it out and we’ll see you on Twitter! Chicago-North and Windy City RWA present Chicago¬†Words!

Write on!!!