Dare to SOAR Program


Dare to SOAR with Windy City

To many of us, Windy City represents support and encouragement. The Dare to SOAR program enhances Windy City’s supportive community.

Taken from Denise Swanson’s Dare to Soar motto – “Demonstrating inspiration, motivation and perspiration to achieve success” – it is used for Windy City’s goal setting portion of the monthly business meeting.

Did you know? Just writing down your goal, you will be 35% more effective, sharing your goal 65% more effective. If you share your goals with someone who will hold you accountable, you will be 95% more effective.

As a community of writers, we pledge to hold each other accountable and give a push or a hug, or whatever’s needed most!

*** Members who want to participate will write their name and goal for that month on the sheet of paper handed out. (We will do this at the first meeting of the month only.) Members may participate remotely by sending in their monthly goal(s) to the Windy City Yahoo loop.

*** Participants will hand in their goals by the end of the meeting. (Online participants should have them in by the second Wednesday of the month)

*** At the next business meeting, the goals will be read. Members who want to share how they did, can share (hopefully everyone will). The goal setters, those who “Dared to Soar,” will be posted on Windy City’s Blowing Kisses blog each month.  WC will not share your goal with the world or if you have achieved it or not. The fact that you set your sights on something and shared it is worth the cheers! (Online participants may share their progress by the second Wednesday of the next month. Usually making their new goal at the same time.)

*** Non-meeting months. During the months that there are no business meetings (July, August, December) we will post goals online.

*** The SOARING member of the month will be chosen at random by the president or another board member. That member will be featured on the blog with a bio, picture and whatever else they feel comfortable sharing.

*** Tangible rewards: chocolate for those who didn’t make their goal, chocolate for those who did, and Encourage-mints for all! Each month we’ll raffle one of the visiting speaker’s books or writing how-to book to one of the participants. (Regretfully, due to cost, there are no tangible rewards for our online participants at this time.)

*** WC will keep track of member participation. Everyone will get a certificate for participating (even once) and members with the highest amount of participation for the year will receive a Dare to SOAR pin at the Christmas party.

*WC members are welcome to opt out at anytime*