In Memoriam

Cathie Linz

Cathie was a founding member of Windy City RWA. All of us in the Windy City chapter benefited from her words of wisdom and encouragement. We will always remember her fondly and with love. She told us that to follow our dreams, we had to “Do It, Do It Now, This Means You.”   A gentle kick in the butt is what we all need sometimes and Cathie was always there to advise and cheer on anyone who needed it.

She loved red cowboy boots, Paul McCartney songs, cats and, of course, chocolate.

“Writing is the hardest work you can do without heavy lifting.”

Cathie Linz was an award‐winning, USA Today bestselling author of contemporary category romances. Since leaving her career in a university law library, she had over fifty romances published worldwide in nearly twenty languages. The Chicago Sun‐Times described her work as “charming,” while Library Journal described her books as “Heart‐ warming and hilarious.” Cathie wrote fast‐paced, character‐driven romances with lots of humor and dialogue. More recently, she took on a new pseudonym—Cat Devon—and wrote paranormal romances which, like her previous works, included character‐driven romances with humor.

Cathie received RWA’s highest service award ‐‐ the National Service Award ‐‐ for her work educating others about the romance genre. RWA recently renamed their national Librarian of the Year Award as the Cathie Linz Librarian of the Year Award.

Cathie was a “writer of humor and grace who believed that every day should be celebrated with laughter and kindness, and who understood that books and storytelling have the power to touch hearts and change the world.”

We’d suggest you lift a glass to toast her, but she was never a wine drinker. So instead, we suggest what Cathie would: Take a moment to indulge in a little chocolate (or a lot), pet a cat (or six), and belt out a Paul McCartney song, whenever you can.

Don’t forget her. And please don’t forget what she taught us all:

when you find your joy, you find your power.


***Special thanks to Robin Skylar, Alison Hart, and Susan Gibberman who lent their beautiful words to this memorial page***

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