March Spotlight: Dyanne Davis

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March – April
They cherish each other’s hope. They are kind to each other’s dreams.
– Henry David Thoreau


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Author Spotlight

Dyanne Davis

Emma Award Winning author, Dyanne Davis more than likely took her first steps toward writing when she began reading at the age of four, and imagined herself in the worlds she read about. Religion added to this. Her daily talks with God about the running of the universe influenced her writing. It took several books before she even realized that God was mentioned in each and everyone. But before embarking on a writing career she wanted to be an actress. That desire began…where else…church.  The dream morphed into writing the words that actors spoke.

Since almost every writer needs to make a living while working toward a dream she became a nurse. There were several late night calls to her pastor asking for prayers for patients.

From childhood, Greek mythology battled with traditional religion thereby fueling the creative juices and leading to an intense interest to take classes in things that were forbidden. Having several personal, unexplainable, things happen made her know that there was something more than what she’d believed in. She believed in magic. Why not? She had her own prince charming who saved her from drowning while on a family vacation. He’s never laughed as she ordered herbs and made healing potions that she was leery of trying or giving to anyone else to try, or stones that were reported to heal, or oils that were meant to do the same.  He never once mentioned that her love of  alternative healing went totally against her training as a nurse. Once during a Windy City meeting where she’d arranged for psychics and numerologist to be the guests, she was told she was a healer in a former life. It figures. 🙂

On reaching the age where you don’t really care what anyone thinks you should do, Dyanne wrote a book for herself. God’s Analyst. A struggle with traditional religion and her life long battle with it. Of course she likes to make things be the way she wants them, and is aware the book is sort of bent in her favor.