Board Members & Committees

Please feel free to use the contact page to reach any one of our Windy City Board or Committee Members.

2022 Windy City Board Members

President: Lisa Lanay
Vice President: C. Morgan Kennedy
Treasurer: SD Zeller
Secretary: Susan Varno

2022 Windy City Chair and Committee Members

Four Seasons Contest Coordinator:

Chapter Librarian: Vacant

Membership Chair: Katrina Bauer
Membership Committee: Katrina Bauer, Chris Foutris,  Windy City Board

Webmaster: Virginia Van Vynckt

Program Chairs: C. Morgan Kennedy, Michelle Ratledge
Program Committee: C. Morgan Kennedy, Michelle Reede, Windy City Board

Retreat Chair: C. Morgan Kennedy
Retreat Committee: C. Morgan Kennedy, Susan Varno

Social Media/Promo Coordinator: Theresa Stevens Johnson
Social Media/Promo Team: WC Board

MyRWA Team: WC Board

P.O. Box/Lisle: Chris Foutris

WC $ells: Vacant