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January Dare to SOAR – Author Spotlight: Allie Pleiter

Set * Overcome * Achieve * Receive

January – February

When you commit to your dreams, it takes courage and perseverance. Windy City is committed to help and support you to make your dreams soar.

Our January Dare to SOAR participants!

Nicole Leiren
Kelly Garcia
Sonali Dev
Sherry Weddle
R. Q. Bell
Kelly Duff
Katrina Bauer
Jenna DePaul
Vanessa M. Knight
Savannah Reynard* (raffle winner)
Chris Foutris
Lynne Wall
Cheryl Huth
j. leigh bailey
Stephanie Scott

Author Spotlight


Allie Pleiter

 Allie_BookCover_FINALSpend even five minutes with Allie Pleiter, and you’ll learn about knitting.  She’s passionate about the craft, will teach anyone who wants to learn, and includes knitting characters in many of her stories.  Outside of her books, Allie writes a knitting/travel blog called DestiKNITions which features the many yarn shops Allie finds on her frequent travels for book research, conference teaching, and promotion.  She also runs a “Prayer Shawl Ministry” at her church, where volunteers knit soft, fluffy shawls that receive prayers over them before they are sent to people in need of healing or comfort.  The group she started has given out over 250 shawls at last count.RANCHER BT1 cover

“To me, knitting is the perfect refreshment from writing.  It’s creative, tactile, and peaceful.  No words and no screens are involved.  I’ve made friends all over the country from knitting.  I don’t sit still very well, so knitting helps me stay focused if I’m in a lecture, traveling, in a long meeting, or waiting for an appointment.  I call it ‘my socially acceptable fidgeting’.”

Simply put, Allie Pleiter is a Windy City author who spins more than one kind of yarn!

Allie Pleiter is wonderful speaker and can give workshops on a variety of topics. Here are just a few examples. For a complete listing check out her website – http://alliepleiter.com/speaking.html

  • The Five Friends Every Writer Needs

    A touching, tickling look at the role of friends in every writer’s life

  • Aunt Allie’s Guide to Level-Headed Hysteria

    How not to let life’s roller-coaster take you for a ride

  • The Chunky Method of Time Management

    Learn how to get “chunky” about your time and watch your writing productivity rise and stress decrease

  • How to WRITE When Everything Goes WRONG

    How to muck through the mire without losing your muse

  • Dynamic Dialogue

    Strategies for getting the most out of what your characters say–and how they say it

  • Perfect Pairings

    How to build characters who capture the hearts of your readers, your editors, and each other

To contact Allie: allie@alliepleiter.com

Blowing Kisses To: Allie Pleiter

100_3099Our own Allie Pleiter presented “The Chunky Method” of Time Management for writers. She gave a simple and concise formula to help you discover your own “Chunk.”

                                                                                                                                            She further explained, knowing your writing style i.e. Big Chunk, Little Chunk, Mixed Chunk and how many words you can crank out in one Chunk, can help you calculate how long it will take you to complete a first draft, help you to be more productive, and help you to be the kind of professional writer that editors and agents are begging for.


                                                                                                                                                A big thank you to Allie for sharing this with Windy City. And we will all remember to “Respect The Chunk!”